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The purpose of this review goes beyond providing obvious information about the prices and list of services. We ordered a real essay paper from the service, so we can talk about the quality it delivers. Read on; we’re about to give you the details you need to finally decide: is Academized legit?

Services Offered at

There not a clear list of services at the website. Even when you access the price chart, you don’t get the option to see different prices by adjusting the service. You just see the quotes for two major categories: Academic and Business writing.

For a full list of services, you’ll have to access the order form. Even when you do that, you’ll have to provide your email address, full name, and phone number before you can see what exactly you can order.

The most common types of assignments are available, but we didn’t like the fact that you can’t see the list before providing contact information.

Academized Pricing, Discounts, Promo Codes

Fortunately, this service is way more transparent when it comes to the prices. There’s a clean price chart, with prices ranging from $17.55 to $47.73 per page. That seems affordable. However, you can’t count on a Academized discount. There are no price reductions for first-time users, and there’s no loyalty program.

There’s another catch: the deadlines are not definite. For example, you can set a deadline of 15+ days. That gives the service an option to deliver the paper late, and it won’t suffer any consequences.

Plus, the shortest deadline of 3-8 doesn’t work for extremely urgent orders. If you need the paper in 3 hours, it’s not safe to use this website.

Academized Paper Quality

Now, we come to the main part: was the paper any good?

Since this service calles itself ‘Exceptional Academic Writing Services’, we decided to order its highlight product: an essay paper. We had to order more pages of content, so we decided to request six pages with a deadline of 9-10 days. For College Junior quality level, the price was $27.35 per page.

The content was good and detailed. The writer made sure to include proper references and format them in APA style. However, the paper lacked individuality and was not memorable enough. It was good, but we expected more for this price.

Short Academized Review is a relatively good writing service. They offer a good choice of services, so you don’t have to bounce between websites when you need different products. The issue with flexible deadlines, however, was pretty problematic according to our reviewing team. We like setting specific delivery dates when ordering papers online. As for the quality, it was good enough, but we expected better work for a price this high.

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