Advanced Writers Review

Advanced Writers Review

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    Panama is not a widely known writing company. If their website information is to be trusted, the essay service has been doing this since 2008, which is more than a decade. Now, we have confirmed that the site is reliable, safe to use, and the company is legit. However, in this advanced writers review you’ll learn if their services are good and how far their reliability goes.


We always start first with the website. This website looks professional. They don’t seem to have any affiliate site like some other companies have to cheat more people to order from the same provider. Moreover, the site looks trustworthy and has a professional design. Seeing how ordering from these sites isn’t illegal and this one has actual review, it is safe to say that it isn’t a fake or scam website, either.

That’s a fine beginning of our review of, but now it is time to check their actual offers.

Is safe? What Services Do They Provide?

The first question we have to answer is: is safe? If you will invest your budget and share your banking details with the company, you should know the answer to: is advancedwriters legit.

The answer to this would be yes. They charge a set price to write a paper for you, and they deliver the order to every customer who pays for it. However, this still does not answer the question is good, or explains the rating we gave them.

We should start with the services they offer at This was somewhat problematic for us because the website, as professional as it looks, has no information about the services. We recommend that you visit an order or pricing page to see the types of papers you can get here.

We trust that you’d be happy with the list. It’s really big and has everything from an essay to a dissertation, even dissertation chapters. It also contains creative writing, homework, coursework, reports, articles, outlines, and even poem writing. The last service we mentioned, as well as some others, we haven’t come across before. This is a quality, full list, but it’d also require a great deal of writer numbers to be able to stand by it.

Advancedwriters Prices

The advancedwriters prices aren’t high or low, so they’re pretty much in the middle. But, there’s plenty additional features offered. You don’t have to choose them, but if you do, the price gets quite high.


For example, there aren’t just academic levels and deadlines to choose from. If you’re wondering, how much does advancedwriters cost, you should know all your options. There are also three types of writers they offer you. The first one is ‘best available’. The pricing table you’ll find on the website only applies to this option. But, if you want an advanced writer, one that’s proficient in your area of study, you have to pay 25% more.

Here is where it gets really weird. Does this mean that, if you pay the price they presented to you in the first place, you won’t get a writer who’s an expert in your area of study? If not, what kind of quality can you expect?

There’s even worse part than this. Apparently, advanced writers are open about working with non-native writers. So, even if you pay 25% more or not pay additional costs, you won’t get a native writer to do your paper?! To get that, you need to pay 30% more.

This makes advancedwriters prices really high and basically, it makes the company much less reliable than we initially thought. Their lowest price is $15 for an essay, but if you are a high school student and order it 2 weeks ahead, which hardly ever happens. Even so, that rate is for a non-native writer that’s no expert in your field of study. This sounds really bad, doesn’t it?

There isn’t any discount code, special offer, or anything beneficial to returning or new customers if they order here. It is bad marketing and a really bad thing about the service’s rating.

Is Advancedwriters Legit? Is There Some Feedback on the Web?

After seeing their order form and learning about the pricing system, we finally understood why there is so little feedback online about the advancedwriters essays. The company becomes really expensive without the discount option and after you realize that you have to pay much more for a native writer. This is probably why they have many comments that mention plagiarism.

In those cases, none of the student got a chargeback or a refund. Some even say they didn’t get a revision since they didn’t pay for a native writer.

Our Experience with the Advancedwriters Essay Writing Service

Our good experience with this service ended as soon as we ordered. We decided to check what a paper would look like if you don’t pay the extra expenses, but only pay the prices they present before you open the order form.

The writer was definitely not a native speaker. It is refreshing that a company is open about this, but it also means bad news for the customer. The writer wasn’t even really fluent, so our paper was really filled with silly errors. He probably wasn’t able to edit it because of his limited knowledge of the language.

Because of the writer’s lack of knowledge of the topic, the paper wasn’t really exhaustive and did not present the student in the best light. It didn’t have plagiarism, but that was the only good thing about it. We complained about this, but never received a refund or a discount.



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