Affordable Papers Review

Affordable Papers Review

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Affordable Papers Review – Reliable or Not?

The rating of the website online is far from ideal. But, it is refreshing to find a service that isn’t afraid to publish some negative comments on their website. Most professional essay services publish only the best possible testimonials and ratings, making you believe that their service is not only safe, but also without a flaw. Affordable papers has added a Trustpilot rating on their website, one that gives them four out of five stars and shows the company is good instead of flawless.

Now, this is different from every site we have reviewed and makes more trustworthy from the start, but it says nothing about the quality, really. We read a lot about it on the Web, including the reviews on Trustpilot. Ordering from the site is neither illegal nor unsafe since this isn’t a fake service or one that uses affiliate sites as a cheat. But, it not being scam does not make it highly reliable and affordable. This is what we’re about to discuss in this affordable papers review.

Is Cheating? What Services Do They Provide? is a site with 13 years of experience, which isn’t a little. They also have really cheap rates, which is why there are so many comments about the affordable papers website to read online. When it comes to their services, they don’t have as big a list as we expected. When you come across a company with long experience as this one, you expect them to have a writer that’s able to write any kind of paper.

They have an option called other, but the choices of papers you can actually select are limited to around 20. These still include the common paper choices like essays, dissertations, as well as some more specialized ones like reports and reviews. We also tried to check if they’re willing to write things that aren’t in their list, and the support actually accepted the request. They did charge us quite a bit for it, so it might not be wise to order things that aren’t in their list unless you want to spend more as a customer. Prices

The prices are definitely the reasons for their many comments on the web. However, the thing we saw as refreshing at first with the feedback turned out to be just another trick later on. When it comes to reliability, affordablepapers com isn’t considered quite the reliable service. The feedback about it online and outside of the website is really negative, which is probably because of the price they charge.


We say this because with a price of $11 for a page, you can’t expect the exceptional writers the service claims to have. Why would such experienced writers be willing to work for such a low quote? It simply is unreasonable, which is why most companies that are as cheap as this one end up having bad rating online.

There is no discount here. Apparently, the lack of affordable papers discount lies in the fact that they’ve made the prices affordable for all. You might be disappointed not to get a chargeback or special quote as a returning customer, but with those prices, we don’t really think this is a reason for concern. Even so, discounts are often really attractive to customers.

Is Affordable Papers Legit? Is There Some Feedback on the Web?

There’s really a lot of feedback on the web. The fact that students get papers when they pay for them answers the question is affordable papers legit with a positive answer. However, when it comes to reliability, this might not be the safest choice.

If you’re wondering ‘is safe to use’ and think of spending some money there, you should know that we’ve read hundreds of comments from students who have serious accusations related to plagiarism and bad quality. None of the negative comments we read mention a refund and affordable papers plagiarism seems to be a really frequent happening.

Our Experience with the Affordablepapers Essay Writing Service

The starting of this review of hours began on a very fine note. The website seems flawless and really realistic with their Trustpilot rating. The prices are a dream come true for most students because they struggle with their budget. However, this service failed is in the worst moment possible – when they delivered our paper.

The delivery was not the issue, but the quality really was. We don’t see those four rates being a realistic feedback for this company, especially not after we read all those things students had to say about their writers.

Our case was similar – a paper that was plagiarized so much, it needed to be rewritten almost completely. They didn’t even bother to edit it, so we ended up finding over three dozen mistakes in a 4-page content. This was really cheap, but the amount of effort we had to put into fixing the paper after receiving it made it not worth its cost. It would take a student the same amount of time to write the research paper from scratch – the amount we needed to remove all plagiarism and find and fix all the mistakes they didn’t edit.

We spoke about this matter with the support, which is yet another unsatisfactory feature. It’s simply too slow and really incompetent. The agents speak bad English, which made it impossible to explain what our problem was. As we guessed at this point, they didn’t give us the refund we deserved and asked for. A revision took them seven days to complete without any satisfactory results.



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