Chameleon Resumes Review

Chameleon Resumes Review



Is Chameleon Resumes Reliable or not? First Impression

In this chameleon resumes review, we’re going to get in depth and show you what kind of services offer and what you can expect from them. Our first impression is that they have a professional website, with relevant information highlighted for the potential customer, and this immediately leads you to believe they are reliable. You can get to know them just by visiting the home page, and decide whether you are interested in their service or not.


Chameleon Resumes: Services Provided

While the name of the website itself tells it all, chameleon resumes service has some other services that we decided to list for your convenience. It’s obvious that they offer resume writing but they also offer guided coaching so that you can land your next 6-figure job, along with do it yourself resources and customised 6-figure job packages. All of this is tailored towards individuals who are serious about their career and want to grab the best opportunities in the field of their interest.

Some other services are:

  • The Interview-Generating Resume Package
  • The Interview Confidently Package
  • The Job Search Bundle
  • The LinkedIn Job Leads Package

Chameleon Resumes Pricing and Discounts

Their resume writing packages aren’t going to be exactly what you expect. When you hire them, you’re not just hiring a writer to write a piece of paper. You’re hiring them to find you the best job possible. Therefore, each package includes something different that will lead you on the right path of finding the ideal job and getting that interview. However, the prices are sky high, starting with $2897. This is a customised package, however, due to the pricing it’s not for everyone.


When it comes to discounts, it’s a bit disappointing that there are none, considering the overall high pricing of their packages.

ChameleonResumes: Service History & Feedback

The feedback and samples show that this is truly a professional writing service. They not only sound but their website looks professional as well. It’s the kind of service that was brought together by people who love what they do, and are really good at what they do, which is why they were even hired by LinkedIn to do some writing for them. There’s plenty of feedback about the chameleon resumes cover letter and their other services, so make sure to read them.

ChameleonResumes: We ordered a paper – what’s our feedback?

In order to test them out, we went for one of the cheaper chameleon resumes alternative – The ‘GET HIRED FAST!’ Success Package. This is also a costly $297, however you are guided throughout the entire process of getting your resume finished, in order to generate an interview for your dream job. While we were expecting a different kind of an experience, it was great to be in control of your own writing, and being able to learn and know how to do it just like the professionals. It also helped that they were really polite and kind enough to help when we didn’t exactly understand what we had to do. They were always open to provide tips and help to whenever we needed it. There are of course, other cheaper options but we felt we wanted to try out their most popular one.



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