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Are you constantly in rush to submit all your academic writing in due time while managing your life at the same time? Yes, things can be tough in the college days while you will have to live a life in a pressure cooker situation – thanks (!) to our educational system. The good news is that there are a lot of services out there that be a true help in these tough situations. For example, PaperHelp is a great company that can of true help regarding you’re your writing related needs.


Of course, you are looking for some review of the company telling you the true quality of the service. That’s where we come in! We plan to help the community with reviews of the academic writing companies and sharing our experience of taking their services, unlike other PaperHelp org reviews.

So, let’s start our review today!

Is PaperHelp Legit? First Impression

Anyone would fall in love with the website at the first sight – it is modern, artistic, and perfectly designed. We think the website UI matters a lot as it can change the perspective of a random visitor and make him or her a potential customer. It looks like that PaperHelp is well aware of the fact and put a lot o effort designing this great website.

So, the website looks fantastic but does that make a company better than the rest?

Certainly not!

Let’s take a look at some of other factors about the company. Since the beginning of the journey the company has completed about 465,120 orders. There are about 105,000 students who has put their faith in the company in the last few years.

The stats look quite promising and they are certainly a big name in the industry. You should feel safe in their hands. We think you should shed off suspicious thoughts like “is PaperHelp legal” or “is PaperHelp safe.”

PaperHelp is a certified company and is protected by and WebCheck©. Judging all the information, we would say that can put your trust on the company. We are still not sure of the quality of their service but one thing is certain – they are not a fraud company. So, all your payments would be safe and sound.

PaperHelp Review: What Services Do They Provide?

PaperHelp is proud of their essay writing services. In fact, among all of their services, they have designed a specific tab describing their essay services. For example, you cab get any kinds of essay related helps from them. You can order custom essays, buy existing essays, edit the essays that you have written already.

Then, there are the papers. Almost the same thing can be said about them offering different types of papers and research papers.

However, you shouldn’t think that this is a company only capable of handling essays and papers. If you check out the ordering form, you will see a mega list of all the services.

We didn’t bother to add the list of all the services they provide as that would be a very long and boring list. All you need to know is that PaperHelp will help you with any kind of academic writing related task – from a simple essay to resume writing.

PaperHelp.Org Prices: What Should You Know?

Okay, let’s discuss the second most important thing you need to know – the pricing. The first one would be the writing quality. As we are discussing the pricing policy of the company, you should know that PaperHelp offers four different level of academic grade from High School to PhD level.

So, when they are shouting out loud that their pricing starts from only $10, they are referring to the high school level not the PhD level. The PhD level writings would cost you more. For example, the lowest price you would get for a PhD level essay would be $20.

There are certain other factors that determine the pricing of the services – academic level, qualification of the writer, urgency, subject, and the type of documentation.

The following table will give you a clear idea about everything –


High School




Lowest Rate





Highest Rate





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Keep in mind that the pricing that we just mentioned is specifically for “Writing from Scratch” service and it is for only a single page. The price would go up if you select a higher qualified writer.

We loved how the company decided to offer discount. Rather going for the traditional page-count-based discount, they would offer PaperHelp discount based on the total bill of the order.

For example, you will get 5% and 10% off for orders more than $500 and $1000 respectively.

There are certain paper help discount code and PaperHelp promo code that would cut off the bill as well. You can get discounts too if you are a first-time customer of them.

How Long Does Writing Service Exist?

A lot depends on the experience of a writing company. First, if a company is older, you can be more confident that the company would less likely be a fraud or a scam. Moreover, with more experience a company gets bigger and can handle the tasks in a better way. Also, the brand value gets a big push.

So, how long is PaperHelp is in the business?

Well, they started their journey in 2008. So, you should consider them to be a veteran as they have over eleven years of experience serving the students. Moreover, they are not that old to be a bit outdated. So, we would consider them to have the optimum level of experience.

Our Experience of PaperHelp Custom Writing

Let’s talk about our personal experience of taking their service. We ordered a simple paper on “Impact of Proper Urbanization in 21st Century.” Their customer service team helped us a lot in the ordering process. On this we want to add that they have a wonderful customer support. You can call them directly or even can chat with them. If you are not in a hurry or have a very big project, you can place an inquiry too. They would reply you e-mail ASAP.

We selected the academic level to be College and set the deadline to be 2 days as the paper was 5-page long.

We received the draft copy before it hit the 2-day deadline mark. The quality seemed fantastic at the first glance. It seemed properly researched and thoroughly written – just what one would expect from a professional service.

To further check the authenticity, we did some plagiarism checks with our trusted third-party checkers and it came clean in all of them. So, a big thanks to the writer.

Next, we scrutinized the essay for grammatical mistakes or silly typos. We were quite shocked seeing not a single hint of mistake here. There is no doubt that the writer is a native one.

We had a pleasant experience.


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