PayMeToDoYourHomework Review

PayMeToDoYourHomework Review

Pay Me To Do Your Homework is without a doubt the most bizarre essay writing service available on the market today. This corporation, which is well-known for its renowned CEO, Jessica Mott, as well as her assertions about her company, was momentarily thrust into the public spotlight during a broadcast interview. Pay Me To Do Your Homework, on the other hand, is now infamous for being unreliable and just concerned with making money.

This is the conclusion that we’ve reached after researching Pay Me To Do Your Homework for a few hours on the internet. There is no doubt that the organization is attempting to establish itself as a fantastic essay writing service using the most cutting-edge approaches, but a number of the things that we discovered suggest otherwise.

Users on YouTube had some intriguing things to say about the highly acclaimed video including the founder’s interview, which was widely shared. For example, these are just a few of the users who expressed their dissatisfaction with Mott.

As it turns out, several of the comments made by the founder of Pay Me To Do Your Homework were rather reasonable in their reasoning. While she stated that students should enroll in courses that they believed were crucial for their future, her organization offers to enroll in any online course on behalf of clients.

Companies that wish to take ENTIRE courses from students are certainly not recommended by us, but we needed to put them through their paces in our own Pay Me To Do Your Homework review in order to draw conclusions.

PayMeToDoYourHomework Services Review

Pay Me To Do Your Homework offers a wide selection of services, all of which are reasonably priced. They claim to be able to assist students at all academic levels and with a wide range of academic projects. According to the website PayMetodoYourHomework, the company has completed more than 14,000 requests to this point.

Pricing and Promotional Offers Review

It was difficult to get pricing information for this Pay Me To Do Your Homework review because the company does not have a complete list of their services.


As you can see from the table above, the prices at Pay Me To Do Your Homework are quite expensive. In fact, we estimated that a typical essay writing pricing with this company is at least $3 more expensive than it would be otherwise!


By the way, the following is how the service’s founder defines their pricing strategy:


Despite the fact that we had difficulty comprehending the second claim, it appears that they take orders from everyone. The first, on the other hand, is absolutely correct, no doubt about it.


The Quality of their Papers

We booked a 20-question physics test from Pay Me To Do Your Homework in order to assess the level of writing produced by the company. We had all of the answers prepared because one of our team members had already done this test as part of his own research.

In our investigation of the answers provided by Pay Me To Do Your Homework, we discovered that only nine of them were correct. Because of their poor performance, it is clear that the individual who was assigned to complete our job had no understanding of what they were doing.

The Pay Me To Do Your Homework evaluations were completed when we realized that it would be even worse if someone ordered them to complete a full physics course from them. There is a good chance that they may fail the course, causing significant problems for the customer.

However, this message is prominently displayed on their website, despite the fact that it is clearly inaccurate.

If you ask us, this company can “do any subject and any class,” as the saying goes. The Pay Me To Do Your Homework reviews revealed that it appears to be another example of a firm that is a “jack of all trades master of none.”

Customer Service Review

There is no live chat available; instead, just email is available. This was a foregone conclusion given the amount of publicity that Pay Me To Do Your Homework generated around themselves. This also meant that there would be no 24-hour customer service available.

We emailed customer service twice to inquire about the status of our paper, and we had to wait at least 4 hours for an answer each time.

Short Paymetodoyourhomework Review

What you should take away from this Paymetodoyourhomework review, which is based on our mystery shopping, is as follows

  1. There isn’t a well-defined price approach.
  2. The prices are significantly higher than the norm for the industry.
  3. Only nine accurate answers were provided in the assignment that was completed for us.
  4. There is no customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because of this, we do not recommend Pay Me To Do Your Homework to anyone who is looking for high-quality assignment assistance.

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