RushMyEssay Review

RushMyEssay Review

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Rush – this word is too much popular with the students, especially with the college students. They tend to live in a constant life of filled with a rush as their teachers love creating diamonds with an immense amount of pressure. However, there is a better way to handle all the pressure. Why don’t you take the essays from Rush My Essay?


But how can you be sure that this company is good enough to handle your needs? Don’t worry, we will make an advanced rushmyessay review to guide you all along the path.

Let’s get started then!

Is Rush My Essay Legit? First Impression

The first look is quite important for online based services. A lot of people will feel that a more reliable looking website is quite important. You might get confused at first as there a few other fake brands that are trying to imitate the brand. So, make sure that you get to not anything other than that.

The original website looks quite reliable and modern. The UI is user-friendly and you can easily navigate to the right place and nothing is confusing. We must give credit to the web designers of the website.

This is a company that has been in the business for a long time and you should not think that it is a scam as no company can stay in the business for this long if it is an illegal company or a fraud.

The security stickers from Security Metrics© and Authorize.Net© should make you feel a bit relieved as they make RushMyEssay reliable. So far so good and we think the website passes the primary test and we would say that the company is quite reliable is you are worried about those kinds of things. Final call – rushmyessay safe.

Rush My Essay Review: What Services Do They Provide?

The wide range of services of rushmyessay makes it is a superior name in the market. This is a company that can help you with everything. So, what are the services that should make you intrigued?

Think of the first academic writing that you need to get into a college – a scholarship letter or admission letter/statement of purpose. You can get that written from them. Then, come all the different writing tasks that the teachers would hand you over – essays, papers, reports, assignments, and so on. Rushmyessay can help you with every kind of academic writing that can come to anyone’s mind.

After that, your thesis and graduation, you would probably want to join a good company and start your career, right?

You can get your resume, cover letter, or CV written by the professional and reliable writers from here too.

So, you can call them to be an all-in-one writing service provider that you can dream of.

There are four main reasons that can be determiner for you to choose them –

  • High-quality writing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Ample amount of experience
  • Certified writers

What Prices Do They Have?

Okay, we think you get that they are a reliable company offering a ton of services. But are RushMyEssay prices affordable? The answer would be – YES!

But we should warn you about a few things first. They have one thing written all over their website is that their pricing start s from $9.99/page. Yes, they are quite true. But that price is not meant for all the kinds of document type or subject.

For example, an essay on Art will not have the same pricing as an essay on Engineering. In fact, an art related essay would cost about $19.99/page while an engineering essay starts at $29.99 and price goes higher as you are choosing a better writer or shorter deadline period.

The following table should make things clear for you –





Lowest Price




Highest Price




Again, this pricing is mentioned for an essay on Arts, the price will change if you select a subject. The good news is that there are a lot of things that you can get for free on every order. In fact, you will get about $70 worth of services for free.

Wait, there’s more. There are some great rush my essay discount features that should put a smile on your face. If you are a first-time user, you can get a 22% discount. All you need to do is to add the rush my essay promo RUSH22. We were expecting some other forms of discounts. But we couldn’t get any.

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How Long Does Rush My Essay Writing Service Exist?

As we have said already, RushMyEssay has a glorious history that makes them a big brand in the market. They are in this business for more than 22 years. Yes, they started their journey in 1997.

So, you can call them one of the oldest names when it comes to academic writing services. In the starting of the review, we have said that there are a lot of fake Rushmyessay available online. Maybe, the name is so popular among the students that scam and illegal companies have taken this name too. It is a compliment for rushmyessay as imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

There are hundreds of rushmyessay reviews available that are suggesting that they are one of the best and biggest writing companies in the market right now.

RushMyEssay: Our experience

Although all the signs are suggesting that rushmyessay is one of the bests one can find, we still decided to test their service. After all, we have to know what is so special about them. And besides, we cannot help you with a review written just based on speculation.

We went for ordering an essay on “The Impact of Video Games Among the Pre-Teen Children.” We thought a five-page on this topic would be detailed and do justice to the topic.

We opted for a 2-day deadline and selected their Premium package. The final bill was $174.95. As we were waiting patiently, the writer gave us the essay within just 36 hours which was great feedback in terms of deadline maintaining.

Then, we started looking for flaws. It was surprising that after analyzing the essay for hours we failed to find flaws in it. The essay was properly researched well-written. The writer is a knowledgeable person who uses logic and analogy quiet efferently. Well, we shouldn’t have expected anything less from a professional writer.

After checking the essay for plagiarism, a couple of times from different third-party apps, we were quite sure that it is a creation of a genius. We haven’t seen such high-quality writing from any professional academic writer in a long time. It was simply marvelous.


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